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2016 Vintage

Harvest : Crémant, from 09/26th to 09/29th - Classics and single vineyards, from 10/5th to 11/15th
Pinot Noir, on 10/10th, 10/13th and 10/14th

The first trimester of 2016 was marked by heavy rainfall. These rains, alongside low temperatures at the beginning of spring, significantly slowed the vegetative cycle. Thankfully, temperatures rose again towards the start of May, allowing a tentative resumption of the vegetative cycle. Flowering in mid-June lasted a fortnight, with relatively difficult conditions thanks to persistent rain and below-average temperatures for the season. There was also rain during the month of July, but sustained warm, dry weather finally arrived at the beginning of August. The vineyard even suffered a heat-wave by the mid of the month, with high temperatures helping to maintain a satisfactory health status. In September, the grapes were ripening well, with interesting levels of acidity and above all, perfect health. 
After three years of very small harvests, 2016 is finally a «quite» normal vintage again in terms of the harvest volume. During the harvest, we must manage any differences in ripeness with a staggered harvest along eight weeks. 
The Crémant wine bases are magnificent. The Pinot Blancs are fruity. The Muscats are proving very aromatic and crisp. The first juices of Pinot Noirs are deep in colour with ripe tannins. The Pinots Gris appear to be one of the great successes of this vintage. It is definitively a «Pinot» year ! The Riesling have good acidity and good maturity. As for the Gewurztraminer, they are very typical with notes of exotic fruits. 

2015 Vintage

Harvest : Crémant, from 09/7th to 09/9th - Classics and single vineyards, from 09/11th to 10/9th
Pinot Noir, on 09/30th, 10/1st and 10/2nd - Vendanges Tardives, on 10/5th (Pinot Gris) and 10/21st (Riesling).

The vintage began with a cold period in December followed by a fairly mild winter in the month of January. The rather early budburst was followed by the flowering in early June. The first days were really encouraging until some rainy and cold episodes led to flower abortion. The marking point of this vintage will however remain an extremely dry summer, with only 19mm of rain in our Munster Valley during the month of July (against 90mm in a classic year) ... Such a drought has not been seen since 1947! 

The harvest began early on September 7 : it was a real pleasure! The yields were small: small bunches of berries, little juice but the sanitary state was perfect! Some very promising Riesling are still fermenting, the Muscat is very aromatic and dry. The Gewurztraminer are rather mild and the Pinot Noir are full bodied. 

2014 Vintage

Harvest : Crémant, 9/16-18th – Classics and single vineyards, from 9/24th to 10/21th 
Pinot Noir, on 9/25th, 10/3th and 10/9th.

Winter was mild and we've seen big heats during the spring, so the flowering and budburst were quite early. March and April were really dry and some plots showed some signs of water lack, with some flower abortion by the end of June. 
At the opposite, summer was cold and wet, particularly August. Rainfall was higher than usual and we lost the maturation advance gained during spring. At the beginning of September, maturities went well with nice acidity. At this time, everything was looking great and we could have been optimistic. Unfortunately, Drosophila flies made a mass appearance in fruit trees fields during the summer. Humidity and warm temperatures in September helped their development. They attacked mainly the colored grapes varieties: Gewürztraminer, Pinot Noir, Muscat and some vines of Pinot Gris. Once again, a very strict sorting was essential at the vineyard; we ask to our pickers to spend more time and more care for each vines. In fact, it's 35 to 40 pickers during 26 days harvesting 508hl on 15ha !
Wines get a good structure and a good acidity (close to 2012), especially for the ingle vineyards. Pinot Gris, well-balanced, and wines for Crémant are the lucky winners of this vintage. Riesling only end up the fermentation by March 2015. Gewürztraminer are very floral and drier than 2013 or 2011, then Pinot Noir have good colors, fruity and delicate for the Cuvée St Grégoire, full-bodied for the Herrenreben.

2013 Vintage

Harvest : Crémant, 10/1-4th – Classics and single vineyards, from 10/5th to 10/26th 
Pinot Noir, 10/17-19th - Sélection de Grains Nobles, 10/30-31st

Winter lasts long. Except 8 days of nice weather in April, the five first months of the year were colder than normal. A fresh and humid spring was not benefit for the vine-growing. Finally, the vines flowered around June 24th. The last so late flowering was in 1995. Then, summer was warm and dry; the first signs of water lack started when a hailstorm damaged our vineyard, on Tuesday, August the 6th. Indeed, two hailstorms in the same day! Riesling, quite fragile at this time, was the most affected and lot of grapes fell down before the veraison.
The veraison took place at the end of August; quite late date compared to the last vintages since 2000, but a normal period in the 80’s.
Despite a rainy autumn, we waited for the whole maturity of the grapes before picking up, as we used to do but with a lot of anxiety. So, we thank our team of pickers for such efforts involved in a very strict sorting!
For now, several tanks are empty, but hopefully the quality is right here. Most of the wines have already a good aromatic intensity and are well-balanced. And our Riesling Selection de Grains Nobles (SGN), picked up on the last days of October, is full of promise!

2012 Vintage

Harvest : Crémant, 10/2-3rd – Classics and single vineyards, from 10/4th to 10/18th 
Pinot Noir, 10/8th – Vendanges Tardives, 10/31th 

During Winter, some of our plots were affected by frost. Then ,we’ve seen the weather shift from periods of intense cold to extreme heat – and back again. Relatively damp conditions during flowering created the ideal conditions for the onset of downy mildew, with powdery mildew developing from July onwards. In such conditions, our vigilance and the very warm temperatures of August helped to limit the damage. Unluckily, on the July 10th, an hailstorm has destroyed lot of berries, reducing significantly the quantity of harvest.
Finally, the cooler weather we saw in September helped bring the grapes to full maturity in perfect health.
Afterwards, our patience was put to the test. The weather was changeable, with beautifully sunny days alternative with showers. Patience, patience…
In the end, 2012 is an excellent but very rare vintage, especially as the wild boars devoured most of the grapes which had been spared by the vagaries of the weather. Thankfully, to date, all the varietals revealed their good potential of fruitiness, freshness and great maturity.

2011 Vintage

Harvest : Crémant, 09/13-15th 
Classics and single vineyards, from 09/21th to 10/14th - Pinot Noir, 09/26-28th.

This year, the vineyard has been constantly tossed to and fro between extremes: harsh winters, mild or high temperatures in spring, drought followed by saving rainfall in July. The budburst took place at the beginning of April, a fortnight earlier than normal, and the flowering in late May, by 2 to 3 weeks. The excellent weather conditions during flowering led to a good budburst, and counteracted the risk of fungal diseases. The summer months were cooler and more humid,  making up for much of the water deficit and slightly reducing the advance of the vegetation.
After the return of good weather on the 15th of August, the harvest took place under the best conditions. With the benefit from a true Indian summer, we waited as to best manage the ripeness and health of the grapes.
In the cellar, considering the earliness of the vintage and the heat, the control of temperature was indispensable more than ever, to control the fermentation and to preserve the aromatic potential of this vintage.The first results are very promising with fruity and well-structured wines. The Gewurztraminer are part of the big success of this vintage with good aroma and aromatic
complexity. However, as the climatic conditions of the end of season were not favourable for the development of noble rot, the production of Vendanges Tardives is rare.
Best time to drink : 2014 – 2019

2010 Vintage

Harvest : Crémant, 09/27-29th – Classics and single vineyards, from 10/4th to 10/26th 
Pinot Noir, 10/7th, 15th and 18th 

The first time of this complex year happened on the 19th of December 2009, with extreme temperature (-20°C) and frozen buds. Budbreak was late and the flowering was prolonged. During the summer, July was warm and quite dry until a hailstorm on the 13th ; hence, the crop decreased again. August was cold and damp, September was relatively cool and mild.
Before the harvest, the sanitary state was good but the quantities very low. With the high elevation of our slopes, we waited for the right maturity of the berries. Brown seed, supple skin, tasting of the berries, we made such controls 3 or 4 times for each parcel before deciding to harvest.
The wines of the 2010 vintage are both fresh and fruity. They get a good balance between strong acidity and good degrees. Low yields give a good concentration, with a great potential of ageing. The main point of such “special” 2010 vintage is the very low yields, what ever the grape variety ; 30 hl/ha on average, and down to 16hl/ha for Gewurztraminer.
Best time to drink : 2013 – 2020

2009 Vintage

Harvest : Crémant, 09/10th – Classics and single vineyards, from 09/22th to 10/18th 
Pinot Noir, 09/28-29th – Vendanges Tardives, 10/20-21th

The climatic highlights of the year can be summarised as follows. Although budburst on the vines was late, due to severe cold weather during the winter, flowering took place earlier than usual, in early June, thanks to a rapid rise in temperatures during April and May, and went well, as did berry set. This advance of two weeks compared to the normal season continued despite a rather damp July. Hot and very sunny August weather ensured ideal conditions to ripen the grapes perfectly.

September days were very warm but the nights were much cooler, especially towards the end of the month, enabling full ripeness to be achieved while preserving essential aromas. Consequently, harvesting was done “à la carte”, and with patience it was possible to pick each parcel at perfect maturity.