The Schoenheitz vineyards (14 hectares) are entirely concentrated on the steep slopes of the magnificent Munster Valley.

Appellations :
AOC Alsace et AOC Cremant of Alsace

Surface :
14,5 ha (36 acres) of which 0,5 ha (1,25 acres) are young vines

Terroir :
• Very steep slopes
• Exposure to the sun: South and South-East
• Granite with two micas

The planted grape varieties :
Riesling = 31 %
Gewurztraminer = 21 %
Pinot Gris = 14 %
Pinot Noir = 15 %
Pinot Blanc = 14 % (of which 45% is dedicated to our cremant)
Muscat = 4 %
Sylvaner and mixed parcels = 1%

Method of Cultivation :

• Traditional training of the vines (density 4,000-6,000 stocks per hectare).
• Guyot single cane pruning for most varieties to limit the yield.
• Natural grass between the rows alternating with plantings of rye in the winter to counter erosion and improve soil structure.
• Fertilization = no chemical fertilizers are used, both to limit the yield and to incite the vines to seek nourishment deeper in the soil which favours the expression of the “terroir” in the wine.
• All treatments are limited to those strictly necessary and are applied within a sustainable agriculture concept.

Harvesting Method:
• Manual, with a strict selection on the vine.
• Harvesting at optimal maturity during 5 to 8 weeks.
• Clusters preserved intact (no settlement or damage).

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