The Schoenheitz estate offers a wide range of wines suitable for accompany a meal, from aperitif to dessert. We invite you to explore all the great wines of Alsace.


Produced with the utmost care using traditional methods, the gentle effervescence and delicate aromas are incomparable for making your aperitifs and special moments sparkle.


These wines come from a rigorous selection process and are vinified in a way that privileges the expression of the varietal. Their specific aromas and balance will compliment your casual meals.


Occasionally exceptional “Cuvées d'Exception”, “Vendanges Tardives” and “Sélection de Grains Nobles” are born in our “lieux-dits” vineyards. Fruits of patience and a great know-how, they are the supreme reward for a calculated risk : that of waiting longer to harvest at the risk of losing everything to a caprice of the weather.
These wines are rare and uncommonly rich.


They are all products of our “lieux-dits” or “named places”. These “lieux-dits” vineyards are worked the same way as some grands crus and are the “pearls” of our vineyards.
The “Exclusifs” reflect the land and are a love story between a varietal, a soil, and a specific micro-climat. Wines of character, complexity and elegance, these are great gastronomic wines.